Aluminium Alloy Cast Shell Development for Torpedoes

  • Vijaya Singh Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • Amol A. Gokhale Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
Keywords: Aluminium alloy cast shells, torpedoes, advanced experimental torpedo, shells, sand casting chilling, risering, dross defects


The sand-cast aluminium alloy cylindrical shells were developed for the advanced experimental torpedo applications. The components had intricate geometry, thin-walled sections, and stringent property requirements. The casting defects, such as shrinkage, porosity, incomplete filling of thin sections, cold shuts, inclusions and dimensional eccentricity, etc were found in
the initial castings trials. improvements in casting quality were achieved through modified methodology, selective chilling, risering, and by introducing ceramic-foam filters in the gating
system. The heat-treated and machined components met radiographic class I grade C/E standards, mechanical properties to BS1490 specifications, and leakage and hydraulic pressure test
requirements relevant for such applications.
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SinghV., & GokhaleA. (2005). Aluminium Alloy Cast Shell Development for Torpedoes. Defence Science Journal, 55(1), 83-89.

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