Construction of Graceful Signed Graphs

  • Mukti Acharya Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi
  • T. Singh Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi
Keywords: Ground-troop movement, graceful signed graph


In this paper, the mathematical problem of automation of encoding a communication/
transportation network is considered for enabling design of appropriate plans for ground-troop
movement on a complex terrain that motivated to discuss a general method of constructing
infinite families of graceful signed graphs from a given gracefully numbered signed graph. This
method gives graceful numberings for signed graphs on K2 + Kt
c, t
1, where Gc denotes the
complement of the graph G.
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Acharya, M., & Singh, T. (2006). Construction of Graceful Signed Graphs. Defence Science Journal, 56(5), 801-808.
Computers & Systems Studies