Structural Measures for Controlling Avalanches in Formation Zone

  • Vinay Chaudhary Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Chandigarh
  • Gursharan Singh Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment, Chandigarh
Keywords: Formation zone control structures, snow fence, snow nets, avalanche-contol avalanche sites, avalanche-control structures


Jammu-Srinagar national highway (NH-1A), a lifeline of the Kashmir valley, gains considerable
importance as being the only link between the Kashmir valley and the rest of the country. A
stretch of 15 km is marred by 15 major avalanche sites, out of that D-10 avalanche site takes a
heavy toll of life and property, besides bringing the busiest highway to a standstill for days
together, year after year. Therefore, this avalanche site was selected for installation of avalanchecontrol
structures in formation zone and demonstration of technology thereof. A combination
of wind-control structures, supporting structures, and controlled release of avalanches using
explosive, has been adopted to mitigate avalanche hazard. As a result, the D-10 site can boast
of having become a school for live demonstration of the avalanche-control methods on the
mighty Pir Panjal range at more than 3200 m above the sea level. This paper deals with the
methods used for control of avalanches in formation zone of D-10 avalanche site and brings out
their effectiveness and site-specific applications.
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Chaudhary, V., & Singh, G. (2006). Structural Measures for Controlling Avalanches in Formation Zone. Defence Science Journal, 56(5), 791-799.
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