XML-based Web Services Technology to Implement a Prototype Command and Control System

  • Ching-Show Lin Chung-Cheng Institute of Technology, National Defense University, Taiwan
  • Chia-Hao Liang Army Headquarter, Taiwan
Keywords: SOAP, WSDL, command and control system, XML-based web services, intelligence web services, military modernisation, radar tracking data, target simulation, stovepipe systems, simple object access protocol, web service definition language


A command and control system is a complex system of systems. For its ability to improve
the command and control efficiency and multiply operational capability, command and control
system investment is always a benchmark for military modernisation. However, most command
and control systems were independently developed, validated and approved as a stand-alone
solution to reflect service requirement rather than joint focused. These stovepipe systems not
only have an adverse impact on joint or coalition operation, but also are fairly difficult to integrate
and interoperate effectively with other systems. To solve these problems, the study applies
XML standard to redefine the structured radar track and global positioning system (GPS)
positioning data formats. Radar tracking data and GPS positioning data generator were
implemented to simulate air and land targets. In addition, the static intelligence databases, such
as order of battle, were built for information exchange with other systems. Sensors, GPS, and
intelligence web services, including simple object access protocol (SOAP) and web service
definition language (WSDL) are constructed to provide near-real-time static intelligence and
dynamic track services. All relevant command and control centres may subscribe the necessary
services from the service providers to work together with their own systems for mission needs.
The implementation of result demonstrates XML-based web services technology and makes
command and control system integration easy, flexible, and cost effective.
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Lin, C.-S., & Liang, C.-H. (2006). XML-based Web Services Technology to Implement a Prototype Command and Control System. Defence Science Journal, 56(4), 591-597. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.56.1925
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