Design Validation and Reliability Assurance of Electronic Systems Using the Next Generation RGT Models

Keywords: HALT, HASS, AAGT, Accelerated Testing, POS, AESA, Four channel TRMs MTTF, Data Assessment and FRACAS


Arrhenius Accelerated Growth Model (AAGT) is the next generation accelerated testing models used for design validation and reliability assurance of electronics systems. These models are used in design and manufacturing phases towards reliability enhancement of the system respectively. AAGT Models uses Highly Accelerated Stresses for screening of the components towards uncovering Compared to traditional qualification test methods, design flaws, latent defects, component selection problems, and manufacturing flaws can be detected fast. The procedure includes thermal dwells and quick temperature changes while subjecting the test unit to increasing degrees of stress. Dynamic stresses (Pseudo-Random Vibration covering all 6DOF systems) and a combination of thermal and dynamic PSD stresses towards quickly precipitating inherent/hidden defects quickly. These Accelerated models used to qualify modern active array radar modules like Transmit Receive Modules (TRMs) which will be in large numbers and It will be difficult and time-consuming to filter these modules individually using the traditional way. To increase the quality and dependability of electronic devices, much accelerated life tests have been extensively adopted. However, extremely accelerated life tests may only be used as a qualitative approach to assess a product's dependability; they cannot be used to quantify a product's reliability, such as MTBF/MTTF. Consequently, in order to efficiently assess the level of product reliability while improving product reliability in a timely manner. HALT/HASS uses Arrhenius Accelerated Growth Model that is an effective technique used for screening of the module with in short period. This paper discuss in detail with a case study on active array modules deliberating about the test methodology, challenges faced during Using Arrhenius accelerated test models, rapid testing and assessment of these Four channel TRMs used for airborne Fire Control Radar for combat operations.

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Basha, M., & Ware, N. R. (2023). Design Validation and Reliability Assurance of Electronic Systems Using the Next Generation RGT Models. Defence Science Journal, 73(5), 594-601.
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