Design and Development of a Laser Warning Sensor Prototype for Airborne Application

  • Tutul Gogoi DRDO-Defence Geoinformatics Research Establishment, Chandigarh, India
  • Rajni Kumar DRDO-Director General, MED CoS Office, Delhi- India
Keywords: Angle of Arrival (AoA), Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Laser Beam Rider (LBR), Laser Range Finder (LRF), Laser Target Designator (LTD), Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), Pulse Repetition Time (PRI), Type of Threat (ToT), Very High-Density Hardware Description Language (VHDL)


Due to recent developments in high-energy laser systems, the laser is becoming one of the most potential choices in battlefield applications. Laser of a laser range finder used to find target distance may be of nanosecond pulse width and a single pulse may be sufficient to gather the instantaneous range information. A laser target designator is a similar laser with higher energy and with programmable pulse repetition frequencies5,7. Detection of such a specific battlefield laser radiation along with recognizing friend or foe is required for countermeasures. Designing a laser detection system that is capable of detecting such low-power level laser pulses of nanosecond pulse width at a long distance is a critical design and a challenging task. Again detecting a wide wavelength band that can start from 500 nm to around 1700 nm range using a single detector or device is also a challenging task. In this work, a sensor system is being designed and a prototype is developed to cover such a long band detection using a single detector for high-energy lasers. Also, in addition to detecting hostile code, the direction of an incoming laser beam is tried to incorporate into this sensor. The sensor can be utilized to detect unknown or non-friendly laser illumination from within a specific angular cone and distance.

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Gogoi, T., & Kumar, R. (2023). Design and Development of a Laser Warning Sensor Prototype for Airborne Application. Defence Science Journal, 73(3), 332-340.
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