Requirements Analysis Spiral

  • Rajendra Prasad Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Requirements, requirements analysis spiral, CRANE cycle, law of requirements, RAS 1.


Requirements symbolise the need or the set of needs for triggering the development process
of the system. The system developed must follow the law of the requirements. Capturing the
requirements of a system is a challenge. It is both subjective and objective process. The realistic
and comprehensive requirements should be evolved as early as possible during the development
cycle of the system. Many a times, it may not be possible to freeze the requirements in a single
cycle. This may require a number of iterations. A template has been evolved for speeding up
the capturing process of requirements. Requirements analysis spiral (RAS) developed helps
in evolving the requirements.
The development of the system or the produkt cannot wait till the requirements have matured,
and further, it is also an evolving process. Therefore, continual models of the system have to
be developed for achieving the maturity of the system. RAS can be used to freeze the requirements
for the initial model and the subsequent models till the maturity of the system is achieved, both
in terms of requirements and quality. The paper illustrates the application of RAS for evolving
the frozen and matured requirements through a case study.
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