Design and Verification of Carefree Maneuvering Protection for a High Performance Fighter Aircraft

Keywords: Carefree maneuvering, Departure verification, High performance fighter aircraft


Flight envelope protection for a high-performance aircraft poses a challenge to the designers and involves a time-consuming procedure to verify the provided protection. This paper presents a design approach to protect the aircraft from departure by a command path limiter for a rate command attitude hold controller in both the pitch and roll axes. In this approach, the maximum and minimum rates are scheduled as a function of the dynamic pressure on the basis of the open loop aircraft capabilities. This is then augmented with a novel angle of attack protection that comes into play only when the pilot inputs cause the aircraft to exceed the incidence on the positive or negative side (one sided protection), while maintaining the rate command attitude hold behavior within the normal operational bounds of angle of attack. Traditional methods of piloted simulation with a representative cohort of pilots can be time consuming to set up and may not give sufficient confidence whether a departure protection scheme is effective. To address this, a unique multi-modal search using genetic algorithm is developed to verify that this command path protection is able to achieve carefree maneuvering of a fighter aircraft in its entire flight envelope. The sequence of rapid pilot control inputs is coded into a chromosome. The multi-modal genetic algorithm then uses operators like cross-over and mutation on a starting population of chromosomes to evolve new inputs sequences which are then run to obtain the aircraft response. The cost function of the genetic algorithm which is constructed from the aircraft time response is designed to favor the search for multiple maxima which drive the aircraft to departure. The open domain ADMIRE model has been used to demonstrate the approach. Results indicate that the command path design proposed in this paper can be used to protect against departure and the novel multi-modal genetic algorithm helps to verify the departure protection.

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Jebakumar, S., Pashilkar, A., & Sundararajan, N. (2023). Design and Verification of Carefree Maneuvering Protection for a High Performance Fighter Aircraft. Defence Science Journal, 73(3), 263-273.
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