Estimation of Trajectory of High speed Artillery Shell

Keywords: Counter battery fire, Artillery, Projectile, Tracking, Stereoscopic imaging, Trajectory, Geographic information system, Point of origin


This paper presents a novel technique that uses the stereoscopic arrangement of multiple cameras to determine the trajectory of a high-speed projectile. It can be used to detect and track artillery shells moving at high speed in the air toward friendly territory. A system with the proposed concept can enhance retaliation success in battlefield countermeasures. There are many state-of-the-art Radar-based systems to detect moving artillery shells and mortars, but the cost and size of those products make them not so easily deployable in all kinds of terrains. A system with multiple cameras is discussed in this paper as an alternative solution. The experimental results, after algorithms were applied to simulated videos of expected scenes showed that the proposed technique is feasible. The proposed technique is fast and accurate and can be converted into deployable hardware. It can lead to realizing a system that has utility in saving precious lives in critical circumstances.

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Sharma, M., & Kar, S. (2023). Estimation of Trajectory of High speed Artillery Shell. Defence Science Journal, 73(3), 313-321.
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