Deep Learning Techniques in Radar Emitter Identification

  • Preeti Gupta DRDO-Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, Hyderabad - 500005, India
  • Pooja Jain Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur - 441108, India
  • O G Kakde Indian Institute of Information Technology, Nagpur - 441108, India
Keywords: Deep neural network, Machine learning, Deep learning, Radar identification


In the field of electronic warfare (EW), one of the crucial roles of electronic intelligence is the identification of radar signals. In an operational environment, it is very essential to identify radar emitters whether friend or foe so that appropriate radar countermeasures can be taken against them. With the electromagnetic environment becoming increasingly complex and the diversity of signal features, radar emitter identification with high recognition accuracy has become a significantly challenging task. Traditional radar identification methods have shown some limitations in this complex electromagnetic scenario. Several radar classification and identification methods based on artificial neural networks have emerged with the emergence of artificial neural networks, notably deep learning approaches. Machine learning and deep learning algorithms are now frequently utilized to extract various types of information from radar signals more accurately and robustly. This paper illustrates the use of Deep Neural Networks (DNN) in radar applications for emitter classification and identification. Since deep learning approaches are capable of accurately classifying complicated patterns in radar signals, they have demonstrated significant promise for identifying radar emitters. By offering a thorough literature analysis of deep learning-based methodologies, the study intends to assist researchers and practitioners in better understanding the application of deep learning techniques to challenges related to the classification and identification of radar emitters. The study demonstrates that DNN can be used successfully in applications for radar classification and identification.



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Gupta, P., Jain, P., & Kakde, O. (2023). Deep Learning Techniques in Radar Emitter Identification. Defence Science Journal, 73(5), 551-563.
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