Ultra Wide-band Microstrip Line-fed Rectangular Slot Antenna

  • T. Balakrishnan Centre for Airborne Systems, Bangalore
  • A. Vengadarajan Electronic Radar & Development Establishment, Bangalore
  • Bhaskar Gupta Jadavpur University, Kolkata
Keywords: Ultra wide-band antennas, printed antennas, rectangular slot antennas


An ultra wide-band antenna fed by a microstrip line with a U-shaped tuning stub has beendeveloped which provides an impedance bandwidth of 7.2 GHz corresponding to 118 per cent(S11 < –10 dB). The radiation pattern of the antenna is bidirectional. Details of the proposedantenna design  have been described and the typical experimental results are presented anddiscussed.
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Balakrishnan, T., Vengadarajan, A., & Gupta, B. (2007). Ultra Wide-band Microstrip Line-fed Rectangular Slot Antenna. Defence Science Journal, 57(6), 899-902. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.57.1829
Electronics & Communication Systems