Electrochemical Discharge Machining Process

  • Anjali V. Kulkarni Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur
Keywords: Electrochemical discharge machining, micromachining, surface topography, temperatureprofile, transient measurements, electrochemical machining, ECM, EDM, spark-assistedchemical engraving, electrochemical spark machining


Electrochemical discharge machining process is evolving as a promising micromachiningprocess. The experimental investigations in the present work substantiate this trend. In the presentwork, in situ, synchronised, transient temperature and current measurements have been carriedout. The need for the transient measurements arose due to the time-varying nature of the dischargeformation and time varying circuit current. Synchronised and transient measurements revealedthe discrete nature of the process. It also helped in formulating the basic mechanism for thedischarge formation and the material removal in the process. Temperature profile on workpieceand in electrochemical discharge machining cell is experimentally measured using pyrometer,and two varieties of K-type thermocouples. Surface topography of the discharge-affected zoneson the workpiece has been carried out using scanning electron microscope. Measurements andsurface topographical studies reveal the potential use of this process for machining in micronregime. With careful experimental set-up design, suitable supply voltage and its polarity, theprocess can be applied for both micromachining and micro-deposition. It can be extended formachining and or deposition of wide range of materials.
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Kulkarni, A. (2007). Electrochemical Discharge Machining Process. Defence Science Journal, 57(5), 765-770. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.57.1812
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