Multi-target Tracking in a Test Range Scenario

  • Shrabani Bhattacharya Integrated Test Range, Chandipur
  • R. Appavu Raj Integrated Test Range, Chandipur
Keywords: Multi-target tracking, data association, nearest neighbourhood, test range, flight vehiclesdevelopmental trials, post flight performance analysis, real-time flight safety measurement


Integrated Test Range (ITR) handles various types of multiple-target flight trials. To facilitatetarget tracking and estimation in such multi-target scenario, nearest neighbourhood (NN)technique-based data association algorithm has been adopted at ITR. The present paper discussesthe NN-based data association algorithm and its performance in a real flight trial situation byusing multiple-target track data from a multi-target tracking radar.
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Bhattacharya, S., & Raj, R. (2007). Multi-target Tracking in a Test Range Scenario. Defence Science Journal, 57(3), 343-348.
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