Modified Lead-zirconate-titanate for Pyroelectric Sensors

  • O.P. Thakur Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
  • J.P. Singh Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi
  • Chandra Prakash Directorate of ER&IPR, DRDO Bhawan, New Delhi
  • Pran Kishan Institute of Defence Scientists & Technologists, C/o CFEES, Delhi
Keywords: PZT, pyroelectric sensors, ceramic materials, sensors, IR detectors, lead-zirconate-titanate systems


Pyroelectric sensors based on ceramic materials have found applications in IR detectionin defence and civil systems. To develop suitable ceramic material for IR detector applications,a modified PZT system with compositional formula Pb1-xSmx(Zr0.58Fe0.18Mn0.02Nb0.2Ti0.02)O3  where0  x  0.025 was synthesised by conventional solid state reaction method. The materials werecharacterised for their properties like dielectric and pyroelectric coefficient. Hysteresis loop wasrecorded at room temperature. The sample with 2 mole per cent samarium (Sm) substitutions wasfound to be more promising for sensor application based on its high material's figure of merit(FOM). Sensors fabricated with this material were integrated with FET amplifier. The devicesconfigured with compensating element were evaluated for different chopping frequencies.  Thevalue of material's FOM, FD, and detectivity, D*, were determined from measured parameters andwere,  3.6 x 10-5 Pa-1/2 and 2 x 108 cmHz1/2/W, respectively.
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Thakur, O., Singh, J., Prakash, C., & Kishan, P. (2007). Modified Lead-zirconate-titanate for Pyroelectric Sensors. Defence Science Journal, 57(3), 233-239.
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