Cryogenic Temperature Sensors (Review Paper)

  • S. Kar Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
  • R.G. Sharma Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
Keywords: Cryogenic temperature sensors, gas and vapour thermometer, resistive temperature sensor, semiconducting temperature sensor, thermocouple


This paper describes the different cryogenic temperature sensors used at cryogenictemperatures down to 1 K. The characteristics of these temperature sensors have been discussedin detail with their operating range, sensitivity, and accuracy. Other properties likeinterchangeability, effect of thermal cycling, effect of ionizing radiation ( neutron or gamma ray),effect of magnetic field has also  been described.  It is extremely important   to  choose  the  righttemperature sensor for right kind of application in a specific operating environment.  This papergives an overview of some of the most widely  used  cryogenic temperature sensors.
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Kar, S., & Sharma, R. (2007). Cryogenic Temperature Sensors (Review Paper). Defence Science Journal, 57(3), 195-208.
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