Thermal (Infrared) Imaging Sensors (Review Paper)

  • Sudhir Khare Instruments Research & Development Establishment, Dehradun
  • S. S. Negi Instruments Research & Development Establishment, Dehradun
Keywords: Thermal imaging, focal plane arrays, IR sensors, long-wave infrared, medium-wave infrared


Recent developments in improved type of infrared detector technologies focal plane arrays,signal processing techniques, and innovative optical designs have enabled thermal imagingtechnology to undergo revolutionary advancement, leading to realisation of high performanceand compact thermal cameras for surveillance, target acquisition, tracking, and guidance.Instruments Research and Development Establishment (IRDE), Dehradun, has designed anddeveloped a variety of thermal imaging sights for different ongoing programmes/projects. In thepresent paper, an overview of thermal imaging systems, different generations and classificationof thermal imaging systems is described. The paper also presents salient features/specificationsof thermal imaging systems developed by IRDE together with the images recorded in actual fieldtrials.
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Khare, S., & Negi, S. (2007). Thermal (Infrared) Imaging Sensors (Review Paper). Defence Science Journal, 57(3), 173-183.
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