Reviewers Efforts Well Appreciated

Keywords: Defence Science Journal, peer-review, open journal system


It is great pleasure that Defence Science Journal (DSJ) is in the sixty-second year of publication. We have been delighted with, but also admittedly taken aback at, the sheer weight of submissions that we have received. In servicing such a huge amount of submissions, we have relied on what seems like a small reviewer’s database. To each and every one of those reviewers, we extend our sincere thanks, for without them, we genuinely would not have been able to run the Journal. We believe that reviewing is a vital part of the publication process, and also a vital part of being a scholar. It was one of our stated aims to ensure consistently excellent reviews at DSJ, and we believe we are well on the way to providing that. We passionately hope that each submitting author has been pleased with the contribution of the reviewers, if not always with the final decision made by the Editor in light of those reviews.

Defence Science Journal, 2012, 62(2), pp.82DOI:

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