IRNSS Performance Evaluation of SPS Services on Military Aircraft

Keywords: IRNSS performance, Dynamic environment, Military aircraft, Field trials, Position availability


The essence of this paper is to study and characterise the performance of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), also known as NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation), in actual dynamic environment by conducting field trials on military aircraft. The dynamic accuracy of IRNSS receiver in terms of position, velocity and altitude has not yet been tested on any aircraft system i.e. commercial or military applications. These field trials and performance evaluation will help in on-field assessment of IRNSS receiver performance with availability of five, six and seven IRNSS satellites. During conduct of trials, IRNSS receiver and IRNSS antenna were placed inside the aircraft. Results analysis of 18 hours flying data depicts position availability of 99.872% with five satellites and 100% position availability with six and seven satellites.
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Chauhan, S. (2022). IRNSS Performance Evaluation of SPS Services on Military Aircraft. Defence Science Journal, 72(2), 151-156.
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