Real Time Flow Control System for Precise Gas Feed in COIL

Keywords: Flow control, Hybrid DAS, Gas feed, Flowing medium, COIL


This paper reports development of a real time flow control system for precise, controlled and uniform gas feed to a flowing medium Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser (COIL). The optimal operation of this prominent laser depends upon the desired supply of gas constituents such as nitrogen (N2), chlorine (Cl2) and iodine (I2) to achieve adequately mixed laser gas. The laser also demands real time variation of flow rates during gas constituent transitions in order to maintain stabilized pressures in critical subsystems. Diluent nitrogen utilized for singlet oxygen transport is termed as primary buffer gas and that for iodine transport is termed as secondary buffer gas (with main and bypass components). Also, nitrogen in precise flows is used for mirror blowing, nozzle curtain, cavity bleed and diffuser startup. A compact hybrid data acquisition system (Hybrid DAS) for precise flow control using LabVIEW 2014 platform has been developed. The supported flow ranges may vary from few mmole.s-1 to few hundred mmole.s-1. The estimated relative uncertainty in the largest gas component i.e. primary buffer gas feed is nearly 0.7%. The implementation of in-operation variation using flow ramp enables swift stabilization of singlet oxygen generator pressures critical for successful COIL operation. The performance of Hybrid DAS is at par with fully wired DAS providing the crucial benefit of remote field operation at distances of nearly 80m in line of sight and 35m with obstacles

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Dohare, R., ., M., & Singhal, G. (2022). Real Time Flow Control System for Precise Gas Feed in COIL. Defence Science Journal, 72(1), 91-97.
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