Damage Assessment Software Program

  • N. Prabhakar Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • Bidisha Lahiri Program AD/Research Center Imarat, Hyderabad
  • C. Sangeetha Program AD/Research Center Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Damage assessment, warhead, missile circular error probability, lethal radius, sub-munition, software program


The software package described here deals with the assessment of damage inflicted by missiles carrying pre-fragmented, bomblet, incendiary, runway-denial penetration submunition (RDPS), smart munition, and terminallyguided submunition warhead. The targets to be neutralised could be static, semistatic or mobile, like runways,bridges, bunkers, armoured tanks, soft-skinned vehicles, and personnel. This is graphical user interface(GUI)-based software, where the user can specify the target dimensions, target types, the number of missiles, its aimpoint, the type of warhead and the mode of operation. The software gives the number of targets that have beenneutralised effectively, as the output. This GUI-based software has been developed using Microsoft Visual Basic,Version 6.0.

Defence Science Journal, 2008, 58(6), pp.745-751, DOI:http://dx.doi.org/10.14429/dsj.58.1702

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Prabhakar, N., Lahiri, B., & Sangeetha, C. (2008). Damage Assessment Software Program. Defence Science Journal, 58(6), 745-751. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.58.1702
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