Qualification Testing, Evaluation and Test Methods of Gas Generator for IEDs Applications

Keywords: Closed vessel, Gas generator, Improvised explosive devices, Qualification testing and test methods


In this work, the design qualification testing, evaluation and test methods of gas generator using double base (DB) propellant having square flake shape is explained for an improvised explosive devices (IEDs) applications. Various kinds of the gas generators are used to save life of an aeronaut in the fastest way from the disable fighter aircraft. Due to their ruggedised design, compactness, safe transportation, repeatability in performance and quick operation, the gas generator are used. The gas generator is designed and developed keeping functional, mechanical and structural requirements in mind. The gas generators are subjected to the various qualification tests, electrical characterisation followed by closed vessel (CV) firings at hot and cold temperatures. The gas generators after the successful qualification tests are validated through the ground trials i.e. dynamic firing of disruptor during the development phase. The damage caused due to impact of the projectile is assessed in terms of crater as acceptance criteria at stand-off distance of 0.5 m and 1m. The gas generator discussed in this research article is used to disrupt the suspected IEDs by creating a high-speed jet using water-jet disruptor. In conclusion, after successful qualification testing, the gas generator for IEDs application meets all the specifications as per user’s requirements.

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Parate, B., Deodhar, K., & Dixit, V. (2021). Qualification Testing, Evaluation and Test Methods of Gas Generator for IEDs Applications. Defence Science Journal, 71(4), 462-469. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.71.16601
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