Through Wall Imaging Radar Antenna with a Focus on Opening New Research Avenues

Keywords: Through wall imaging radar; Ultra-wide band antenna; Structural modification; Antenna loading; Optimising radiation pattern; Compact portable antenna; Simple efficient imaging


This review paper is an effort to develop insight into the development in antennas for through wall imaging radar application. Review on literature on antennas for use in through wall imaging radar, fulfilling one or more requirements/specifications such as ultrawide bandwidth, stable and high gain, stable unidirectional radiation pattern, wide scanning angle, compactness ensuring portability and facilitating real-time efficient and simple imaging is presented. The review covers variants of Vivaldi, Bow tie, Horn, Spiral, Patch and Magneto-electric dipole antennas demonstrated as suitable antennas for the through wall imaging radar application. With an aim to open new research avenues for making better through wall imaging radar antenna, review on relevant compressive reflector antennas, surface integrated waveguide antennas, plasma antennas, metamaterial antennas and single frequency dynamically configurable meta-surface antennas are incorporated. The review paper brings out possibilities of designing an optimum through wall imaging radar antenna and prospects of future research on the antenna to improve radiation pattern and facilitate overall simple and efficient imaging by the through wall imaging radar.

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Raha, K., & Ray, K. (2021). Through Wall Imaging Radar Antenna with a Focus on Opening New Research Avenues. Defence Science Journal, 71(5), 670-681.
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