Brittle Failure in Heterogeneous Crystalline Rocks

  • K. S. Rao Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi
  • Hossein Noferesti University of Birjand, Birjand
Keywords: Brittle failure, crystalline rocks, microcracks, heterogeneity, dental plaster


In a novel attempt to go further in details of the brittle failure process, an extensive studycovering both experimental and numerical aspects, has been performed at the Indian Instituteof Technology Delhi. Dental plaster has been selected as the base model material to simulatethe natural conditions. The specimens were tested in biaxial loading condition after proper curing.To numerically simulate the problem, the UDEC software was used and the effect of geometricalheterogeneity has been studied. A failure criterion is proposed based upon this study.

Author Biography

Hossein Noferesti, University of Birjand, Birjand
Faculty of Engineering, University of Birjand
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Rao, K., & Noferesti, H. (2008). Brittle Failure in Heterogeneous Crystalline Rocks. Defence Science Journal, 58(2), 285-294.