Software in Loop Simulation based Waypoint Navigation for Fixed Wing UAV

Keywords: X-plane; Waypoint navigation; Unmanned aerial vehicle; User datagram protocol; UDP


Software in loop simulation (SILS) based waypoint navigation test platform being presented in this paper for fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The proposed platform helps to test waypoint navigation algorithm before implementing into real time environment. Matlab/Simulink and X-plane flight simulator are chosen for the proposed platform. The interface between these two platforms are done by using user datagram protocol (UDP). The waypoint navigation which is to be tested is run in Matlab/Simulink environment where as fixed wing model runs in X-plane simulator. Inverted T tail fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicle configuration is chosen for this research work to verify both its inner loop (attitude control) and outer loop (navigation control). Navigation algorithm executed in Matlab/Simulink compares difference between current and desired latitude longitude position to command flight simulator to reach its desired waypoint. Navigation towards a desired waypoint will be achieved by varying inner loop attitude command of an unmanned aerial vehicle. Finally results are observed and performances are verified in X-plane simulator.

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Kaviyarasu, A., Saravanakumar, A., & Logavenkatesh, M. (2021). Software in Loop Simulation based Waypoint Navigation for Fixed Wing UAV. Defence Science Journal, 71(4), 448-455.
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