Cryptanalysis of an Image Cipher using Multi entropy Measures and the Countermeasures

Keywords: Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Fuzzy Classification, Stream cipher, Traffic Analysis, TMSK attack, Multi-entropy measures


The use of same keys or equivalent keys should not be occurred in cryptographic communications because a cipher system utilising such keys to secure messages can be attacked even it possesses excellent cryptographic characteristics for extracting intelligible information from encrypted messages. Identification of crypts formed with such keys is an important task of traffic analysis of cryptographic communications to check the applicability of two-messages-on-same-key (TMSK) attack. To avoid its applicability, adequate safeguards are required. In the paper, we cryptanalyze stream encryption based cipher system and propose an intelligent identification methodology using multi-entropy measures and soft decision criteria for identification of encrypted images of same or equivalent keys. Experimental test results show that the crypts formed with same keys can be identified successfully with high precision. We also present the countermeasures against TMSK attack.


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