Modification and Characterisation of Materials by Swift Heavy Ions

  • D. K. Avasthi Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi
Keywords: Swift heavy ions, SHI, materials science, materials research systhesis of materials, Characterisation of materials, Nuclear energy loss, Ion energy loss, Electronic energy-loss-defects in materials, Defect engineering


Swift heavy ions (SHI) available with 15 million Volt Pelletron accelerator at Inter University Accelerator Centre (IUAC) Delhi, formerly known as Nuclear Science Centre, (NSC), provide a unique opportunity to researchers for accelerator based materials science research. The major research areas can be broadly categorised as electronic sputtering, interface modifications, synthesis and modification of nanostructures, phase transitions and ion beam-induced epitaxial crystallisation. In, general, SHI irradiation based-materials may not be economically feasible, still it could be of interest for very specific cases in defence and space research. The paper gives a glimpse of the current research activities in materials science with SHIs, at IUAC.

Defence Science Journal, 2009, 59(4), pp.401-412, DOI:

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Avasthi, D. (2009). Modification and Characterisation of Materials by Swift Heavy Ions. Defence Science Journal, 59(4), 401-412.
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