Indigenous Ion Sources for Material Processing

  • R. Bhattacharyya National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
Keywords: Material science, ion source, ion beam sources, material procesing, space thrusters, ion implanters, ion implantation


Ion beam sources for material processing in their working are no different from those required for space thrusters, ion implanters or for fusion experiments. They are scaled down versions of the devices earlier developed for space research. However, they are not being manufactured in the country. Their use in ophthalmic coatings and DLC for magnetic heads, CD, etc. are commercially attractive. In this technical report is suggested as to a strategy how to develop them, pooling resources from different active groups in the country, with specific targets. Dc gridded,Rf gridded, Saddle field, End Hall and ICP sources have been identified based on preliminary work carried out at different places in the country. This areas may be read more as a research opportunity report.
Defence Science Journal, 2009, 59(4), pp.377-394, DOI:
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Bhattacharyya, R. (2009). Indigenous Ion Sources for Material Processing. Defence Science Journal, 59(4), 377-394.
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