Artificial Neural Network-based Technique for Operation Process Control of a Technical Object

  • Stanislaw Duer Koszalin University of Technology, Racbawicka 15-17, 75-620 Koszalin, Poland
Keywords: Technical operation, control systems, technical diagnostics, neural networks, knowledge bases, ANN, artificial neural network, radr system


This paper presents a method to control an operation process of a complex technical object, a radr system, using trivalent diagnostic information. Also, a general diagram of the complex technical object has been presented, and its internal structure has been described. A diagnostic analysis has been conducted, as a result of which, sets of the functional elements of the object and its diagnostic signals have been determined. Also, the methodology for the diagnostic examination of the technical system has been presented. The result is a functional and diagnostic model, which constituted the basis for initial diagnostic information, which is provided by the sets of information concerning the elements of the basic modules and their output signals. The theoretical results obtained in the present study have been verified in practice on a radar system. The radar system in question is a complex and reparable technical object. It belongs to the group of technical equipment for which a short time of shutdowns is required (an ineffective use of the object). A DIAG computer program was used in the diagnosis process of the radar system. The final results obtained through computations conducted by the DIAG software have been presented in the Table 1.

Defence Science Journal, 2009, 59(3), pp.305-313, DOI:

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Duer, S. (2009). Artificial Neural Network-based Technique for Operation Process Control of a Technical Object. Defence Science Journal, 59(3), 305-313.
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