A Case based Online Trajectory Planning Method of Autonomous Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles with Weapon Release Constraints

  • Jiayu Tang Naval Aviation University, PR China
  • Xiangmin Li Naval Aviation University, PR China
  • Jinjin Dai Naval Aviation University, PR China
  • Ning Bo Naval Aviation University, PR China
Keywords: Unmanned combat air vehicle, UCAV, Trajectory planning, Receding horizon control, Threat environment


As a challenging and highly complex problem, the trajectory planning for unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) focuses on optimising flight trajectory under such constraints as kinematics and complicated battlefield environment. An online case-based trajectory planning strategy is proposed in this study to achieve rapid control variables solution of UCAV flight trajectory for the of delivery airborne guided bombs. Firstly, with an analysis of the ballistic model of airborne guided bombs, the trajectory planning model of UCAVs is established with launch acceptable region (LAR) as a terminal constraint. Secondly, a case-based planning strategy is presented, which involves four cases depending on the situation of UCAVs at the current moment. Finally, the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed planning strategy is validated by numerical simulations, and the results show that the presented strategy is suitable for UCAV performing airborne guided delivery missions in dynamic environments.


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Tang, J., Li, X., Dai, J., & Bo, N. (2020). A Case based Online Trajectory Planning Method of Autonomous Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles with Weapon Release Constraints. Defence Science Journal, 70(4), 374-382. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.70.15040
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