Parametric Study of the Reltron Oscillators

  • P. K. Jain National Institute of Technology, Patna - 800 005
  • Manpuran Mahto National Institute of Technology Patna - 800 005
Keywords: High power microwave (HPM), Klystron, Electron ware fare, Directed energy weapons, Reltron


In this paper, effect of the input DC electrical parameters, such as, pulse shape, cathode voltage and the postacceleration voltage on the performance of reltron oscillator have been investigated. For this purpose, a typical reltron oscillator has been designed and simulated. The mode of excitation, resonant frequency and electric field patterns in the RF modulation cavity of the reltron structure has been studied through electromagnetic simulation. The RF output performance and effect of DC electric pulse shape is studied through 3D PIC simulation. To get a practical insight of the excitation signal effect on the performance of device operation, various pulse shapes with different rise, hold and fall time have been studied the pulse of hold time 70 ns and rise and fall time of 5 ns gives maximum stable RF power. Device parametric analysis for the different cathode and post-acceleration voltages has also been investigated. With a beam current of 750 A, cathode voltage of 200 kV and post-acceleration voltage of 800 kV, the device provides ~350 MW with ~46% efficiency.

Author Biographies

P. K. Jain, National Institute of Technology, Patna - 800 005

Dr P.K. Jain received the BTech in Electronics Engineering and the MTech and PhD in Microwave Engineering from BHU Varanasi, India, in 1979, 1981, and 1988, respectively. He joined the Centre of Research in Microwave Tubes, Department of Electronics Engineering, IIT (BHU) Varanasi, as a Lecturer, in 1981, where he is a Professor. Presently he is the Director of NIT Patna His current research area incudes modelling, simulation, design and development of microwave /millimeter wave high-power active devices including gyrotron, Gyro_TWT, MILO and Reltron.

In this paper, he has performed, analytical and interpretation


Manpuran Mahto, National Institute of Technology Patna - 800 005

Dr Manpuran Mahto received the BE in Telecommunication Engineering from VTU Belgaum in 2010, the M. Tech degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from IIITDM Jabalpur in 2013 and PhD in Electronics Engineering from IIT (BHU) Varanasi in 2017. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering NIT Patna. His current research includes High Power microwave sources.

In the present paper, he has performed the analytical as well as simulation part.

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Jain, P., & Mahto, M. (2019). Parametric Study of the Reltron Oscillators. Defence Science Journal, 69(5), 448-452.