A Robust Cooperative Modulation Classification Scheme with Intra sensor Fusion for the Time correlated Flat Fading Channels

Keywords: Automatic modulation classification, Decision fusion, Time-correlated fading channels, Multi-sensor fusion


Networks with distributed sensors, e.g. cognitive radio networks or wireless sensor networks enable large-scale deployments of cooperative automatic modulation classification (AMC). Existing cooperative AMC schemes with centralised fusion offer considerable performance increase in comparison to single sensor reception. Previous studies were generally focused on AMC scenarios in which multipath channel is assumed to be static during a signal reception. However, in practical mobile environments, time-correlated multipath channels occur, which induce large negative influence on the existing cooperative AMC solutions. In this paper, we propose two novel cooperative AMC schemes with the additional intra-sensor fusion, and show that these offer significant performance improvements over the existing ones under given conditions.


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