Rolling Moment of Slender Body at High Incidence for Air to Air Missile Rocket Applications

  • Priyank Kumar Department of Space Engineering and Rocketry, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra - 835 215, India
Keywords: Asymmetric vortex, Side force, Rolling moment, Rings


Measurements of moments were carried out on a slender body having a pointed forebody at lower velocities. The slender body had an ogive nose shape and an overall length to diameter ratio of 16. The angle of incidence was varied from low to moderate angles of attack in the pitch plane. The main objective of the present investigation was to measure the rolling moments on the slender body with and without the control technique. The side force was reduced using a rectangular cross-sectioned ringplaced suitably on the body, however, the slender body was found to experience rolling moments which may be catastrophic.


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