Particle Swarm Optimisation of Hole Quality Characteristics in Laser Trepan Drilling of Inconel 718

  • Kedari Lal Dhaker
  • Arun Kumar Pandey Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi
Keywords: Laser trapan drilling, Circularity, Hole taper, Regression model


Inconel-718 is a nickel based super alloy and is extensively in use for working at very high temperature (upto 2000 °C) such as aero engine gas path equipment, nuclear equipment etc. Drilling micro size hole in such material with laser beam has been a proven choice and laser drilling process produces geometrically and dimensionally improved hole. Hole geometrical features can be improved further if laser drilling system operated at optimal input parameter setting. This paper experimentally investigates the behavior of hole geometrical features hole circularity and hole taper in laser trepan drilling of Inconel -718 sheet. Optimal value of laser input parameters for improved hole circularity and reduced hole taper have been suggested with the help of computational intelligence technique particle swarm optimisation. The effect of each laser input parameter on hole quality characteristics are also discussed and demonstrated graphically. Finally the experimental validation of the predicted results has been carried out.

Author Biography

Arun Kumar Pandey, Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi

Dr Arun Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor

Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi



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