DRDO and Expectations of Stakeholders

  • Gopal Bhushan DRDO-MED and Computational Systems, New Delhi - 110 004
  • M. Madhusudan Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007
Keywords: DRDO, Brand, Visibility, Stakeholders, Branding strategy


DRDO is India’s major credible research and development organization that enables self-reliance and indigenisation of defence technologies and weapon systems to empower India in the emerging geo-political balance. The Organisation has its genesis in a technical inspection agency which over the years have transformed into a highly professional R&D organization with strong design and technology capabilities and skilled entrepreneurship to undertake development of state-of-the-art defence systems. DRDO driven R&D efforts have catalysed the growth of domestic defence and civilian industries in the country as well. The overarching endeavours of DRDO encompassing academia, private industry and Defence PSUs have helped in establishing a self-reliant defence industrial eco-system and collectively all have contributed in the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of “skill development” and “Make-in-India”. Yet, DRDO’s struggle at the national level continues since Armed Forces continue to depend on imports for major acquisitions. Indigenous options have not always established themselves as the preferred options even when they are available. The acceptability of DRDO developed products remains at a low ebb. The question is what more DRDO should do to ensure the acceptability of the users? This study examines the evolution of the DRDO and whether over the years DRDO has done enough or should do more to increase its visibility, acceptability, credibility and respectability? And how DRDO should reposition itself beyond MoD/Armed Forces in the national and international context to fulfill the ambitions of the country to play global roles? This paper also discusses how building the brand “DRDO” may possibly help DRDO. 

Author Biographies

Gopal Bhushan, DRDO-MED and Computational Systems, New Delhi - 110 004

Mr Gopal Bhushan, received his bachelor’s in Science, postgraduation in Operations Research and master’s in computer sciences (Systems Software). He is pursuing PhD from University of Delhi. He is an Outstanding Scientist of the DRDO-MED and Computational Systems, New Delhi. Among major contributions of his, who has served DRDO in a variety of positions are, International Affairs (Defence R&D Cooperation), HR and Personnel Management, Software Engineering/IT, Techno-Managerial and Scientific Information Publications. He is the recipients of “Best Scientist of the Year-2010” Award and “Best Popular Science Communication/ Techno-Managerial Award-2016”, in DRDO. He has also served at the Embassy of India in the US as Counsellor Defence Technology.

M. Madhusudan, Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110 007

Dr M. Madhusudhan, is currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of LIS, University of Delhi. He has 17 years of teaching, administration and research experience at the University level. Under his supervision 17 MPhil, 6 PhD and 110+ project reports have been awarded. He has published one book, edited two books, 32 International research articles in peer-reviewed journals, 20 chapters in books, 9 national articles and 7 international conference papers. He is also editorial member of JLIS, IJLIS and reviewer for five international LIS journals. His areas of interest includes: Designing and evaluation of websites, evaluation of web-OPACs, information communication technology in libraries, social networking sites, e-resources, mobile-based library services, etc.


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Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

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