Analysis and Parameter Identification of Automatic Cannon Carriages

Jiri Balla, Zbynek Krist, Frantisek Racek, Pavel Melsa, Vlastimil Neumann, Cong Ich Le


Experimental procedures for the research of vibrations in automatic weapons mounted on combat vehicles is introduced. Experiment preparation procedures, experience and examples of evaluation of measured results in direct fire from a tracked combat vehicle are explained on BMP-2 IFV example. The result is the movements of the turret and the hull of a combat vehicle in single shot firing, and short and long burst firing. In addition to time domain analysis, methods of correlation and spectral analysis are used. Live firing experiments are complemented by laboratory experiments and are used to determine model parameters for calculations such as stiffness and damping in the suspensions of the hull, elevation parts, clearance in the elevating gear, and the natural vibration frequency of the hull and elevation parts.


Automatic cannon; Combat vehicle; Weapon mounting; Turret; Elevating parts; Cradle; Correlation function; Spectrum analysis

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Defence Science Journal (DSJ)