Effect of Internal Clearance on Buckling of Multistage Hydraulic Cylinder

  • V. Ramasamy Sathyabama University, Chennai – 600 119
  • A.M. Junaid Basha Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, Chennai - 600 054
Keywords: Buckling, Telescopic cylinder, Finite element analysis, Strain energy method, Hydraulic cylinder, Internal clearance


Multistage cylinders are generally used to lift and tilt heavy loads under controlled speed. In defence applications multistage cylinders are used in missile tilt platform and antenna mast. Earth moving equipment’s such as tippers, dumpers, cranes and compactors uses multistage cylinders for operations. In the present work multistage hydraulic cylinder (telescopic cylinder) with three stage has been analysed using strain energy method and verified with finite element analysis. The research work investigates the effect of internal clearances which reduces the critical buckling load of hydraulic cylinders. The results are validated by buckling load test. The clearances between the tube to piston guides, gland guide to piston rod, clearances due to tube expansion under pressure, initial curvature in the tube, eccentricity of cylinder components and tube ovality are considered in the buckling load test. Describes the comparative study of buckling load tests of three stage hydraulic cylinders having fixed free and hinged mounting with five different internal clearances.

Author Biographies

V. Ramasamy, Sathyabama University, Chennai – 600 119
Mr V. Ramasamy, received ME (CAD) and having more than 23 years in the field of design of hydraulic systems, test rigs, cylinders for defense application, missile launchers, high rise platforms, satellite launch vehicles and aerospace applications, earth moving and construction equipment’s. Designed and developed hydraulic systems including computerised control systems for hydro electric projects, currently pursuing his PhD from Sathyabama University. His research interest includes buckling of long slender multistage hydraulic cylinder and wear ring stress analysis.
A.M. Junaid Basha, Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, Chennai - 600 054
Dr A.M. Junaid Basha received his BE (Mechanical Engineering) from Anna University, Chennai. He pursued Masters and Doctorate at IIT Madras. Presently working as Additional Director at Combat Vehicles Research and Development Establishment, Chennai. He has worked in the development of aircraft systems and has developed several hydraulic and lube filters for fighter aircrafts. He has more than 40 publications in his credit. His interest includes : Study of portable ultrafine filters to aid human renal failure cases.
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Ramasamy, V., & Junaid Basha, A. (2018). Effect of Internal Clearance on Buckling of Multistage Hydraulic Cylinder. Defence Science Journal, 68(2), 167-174. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.68.11783
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