Cyberspace Security : An Overview for Beginners

  • Nitin Rai Directorate of Cyber Security, DRDO HQ, Delhi
  • Shailesh R Chansarkar Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bengaluru
Keywords: Internet-of-Things, Vulnerable cyberspace, Opinion


Internet is perhaps the only technology invented by mankind which has singly led to what is appearing to be the third revolution after the renaissance and the industrial revolution. The Internet, as of today, proposes to connect everything driven by the semiconductor, naming it off late, as the Internet-of-Things (IoT). It has over the years, connected the semiconductor driven systems and their human users, evolving the connected whole including the human user represented in that common whole, being called the cyberspace. This cyberspace consists of all the computing, processing, storage, printing, communicating, networking, etc. devices together with the large mass of human population using it.
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Rai, N., & Chansarkar, S. (2017). Cyberspace Security : An Overview for Beginners. Defence Science Journal, 67(4), 483-484.
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