Raga Therapy An Effective Treatment for Stress Management

Keywords: Raga, Raga therapy, Stress management


Delayed encounters with stress are identified with poor individual well-being and related to significant monetary expenses for the general public. Accordingly, the advancement of cost-effective stress prevention or stress management tactics has turned into a vital attempt at recent research endeavors. Music has been appeared to influence physiological, cognitive, and emotional stress-related procedures advantageously. Subsequently, the utilisation of tuning in to music as a financial, non-intrusive, and profoundly acknowledged mediation apparatus has gotten uncommon enthusiasm for the administration of stress and stress-related medical problems. “Raga is the grouping of chosen notes (swaras) that loan suitable ‘temperament’ or feeling in a specific blend. “Raga therapy means healing through the raga. It’s a yoga framework with the help of resonant sounds. Ragatherapy implies curing through the raga. It is the information on the most proficient method to utilise raga for curing [1]”. Symphonies of raga ensure a calming influence on the mind and body. Researchers have found the role of raga therapy in treating stress. In the present research, raga therapy was administered to 74 subjects suffering from stress as an intervention plan. The ISMA questionnaire was administered to them before and after the intervention. Different sequences of ragas were directed to them for 30 min. A significant effect of raga therapy established on stress management.

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