Virtual and Augmented Reality Changing Horizons in Dentistry

Keywords: Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Dentistry


Augmented and virtual reality (AR-VR) is a fast developing technology that has been used in the field of medicine for a long time. It has also found its way in dentistry and the preliminary assessments so far have shown promising results. Aim: The presented scoping review was conducted with an aim of identifying the current applications of AR-VR in the field of dental training and education. The paper also highlights the presently available dental simulators, their features and areas of use. Result: It was found that AR-VR is not restricted to teaching of upcoming dentists but also helps practicing physicians to return to basics and refine their skills. Inclusion of haptics provides a realistic experience by simulating the tactile sensations. Instant feedback feature act as a source of motivation to cover the missed bases. Conclusion: AR-VR technology has numerous advantages in dental education and training. However, the currently available systems require imports and are bulky to be transported in difficult terrains. Thereby it is important that indigenous systems be developed that have enhanced feasibility to be used for training of Armed Forces for managing trauma cases encountered in the field.

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Bhandari, A., Jain, V., & Bhandari, R. (2021). Virtual and Augmented Reality Changing Horizons in Dentistry. Defence Life Science Journal, 6(4), 323-329.
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