Polyphenols as Therapeutic Approach to High Altitude Mediated Skeletal Muscle Impairments

Keywords: Polyphenols, Skeletal muscle atrophy, High altitude, Oxidative stress, Mitochondria


Skeletal muscle impairments at high altitudes resulted into various consequences in un-acclimatised individuals thus hampering their physical activities by imposing severe oxidative stress, skeletal muscle atrophy, mitochondrial dysfunction/autophagy, and regeneration disability. Researchers have described many natural and synthetic supplements to alleviate oxidative stress-induced muscle impairments. In this review article we are focusing on the skeletal muscle impairments and their alleviation by using natural polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds showing anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties like Curcumin, Catechins, Resveratrol, Quercetin and Salidrosides appear to mainly act by reversing oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction eventually ameliorate skeletal muscle impairments under various imposed pathological conditions. This review also drew attention on the molecular targets of polyphenols and their possible therapeutic effects in preventing HA induced muscle impairments. Unavailability of suitable intervention, there is a need to find a probable solution having highly protective anti-atrophic, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory properties with the tint of performance enhancer.

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Kushwaha, A. D., Bhardwaj, V., & Saraswat, D. (2021). Polyphenols as Therapeutic Approach to High Altitude Mediated Skeletal Muscle Impairments. Defence Life Science Journal, 6(4), 314-322. https://doi.org/10.14429/dlsj.6.16344
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