Yoga Module to Improve Health and Wellbeing During COVID 19 Pandemic

Keywords: Yoga, COVID-19, Corona, Non-communicable disease, Health


After the initial outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in China, the disease spreads rapidly across the whole world. It is observed that there is a rampant rise in the rate of infection in spite of best possible precautionary measures taken into consideration against Corona. As there is no scientifically validated full proofed medicine against COVID-19 till date, the only possible way is prevention against this infection by improving self-immunity, mass immunisation and controlling non-communicable diseases, if suffered from. Another possible way from the prevention from this deadly virus is development of herd immunity, but the process takes time and can be fatal for people with higher age groups and with co-morbidities. Yoga, an Indian way of mind-body purification, has been reported to improve functionality of human physiological systems and to prevent diseases. It is also observed that yoga, being a low to moderate intensity physical activity, breathing maneuvers and meditation, can also be performed by any person irrespective of age, with maximum benefit and having less stress in the vital organs during the practice. Therefore, a yoga package for improving immunity and other physical and physiological capacities and mental function to prevent Corona like disease has been formulated on the basis of knowledge from traditional yogic literature and evidence from available research publications on yoga. The yoga package might be beneficial across all age groups for improving health and wellbeing in this pandemic situation.

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Halder, K., Pathak, A., Saha, M., Singh, S. N., & Kumar, B. (2021). Yoga Module to Improve Health and Wellbeing During COVID 19 Pandemic. Defence Life Science Journal, 6(3), 259-268.
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