The Probiotic Containing Foods in Military Dining

A Systematic Review

Keywords: Probiotic, Infection, Gut microbiota, Multidrug resistance


Probiotics are known to impact positively on one’s health, but this statement may have many concerns and challenges especially when it comes to military dining. The purpose of this review is to determine whether there is scientific research based justification to the recommend promotion of probiotic containing food(s) for service personal consumption. Several research findings have shown its beneficial effect on various conditions such as respiratory tract infections, gastro-intestinal diseases such as infectious diarrhoea, as well as for treating nosocomial infections when admitted to ICU. Peer reviewed literature was searched to identify original research related to the efficacy of pro/pre-biotic containing food(s) in prophylaxis or treatment of several service related ailments viz., acute infectious diarrhoea, depression, service related GI and liver diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, respiratory tract infections, Allergic rhinitis, dental health issues and female urogenital conditions. Available scientific evidence can be wisely used by the practitioners for different conditions keeping in mind the probiotic strain, dose, and method of delivery as the effect is not always the same in every person.

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Kalgutkar, P., Ashmin, R., Kumar, D., Vasudevan, V., Gopalan, N., & Semwal, A. D. (2021). The Probiotic Containing Foods in Military Dining. Defence Life Science Journal, 6(4), 305-313.
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