Tyrosine Supplementation A Nutraceutical Approach to Counter Heat Stress Induced Cognitive Decline

Keywords: Tyrosine, Norepinephrine, Selective attention, Sustained attention, Reaction time


Supplementation of tyrosine, non-essential amino acid, and precursor of catecholamine was found to ameliorate the heat-induced alterations in latencies of event-related potential P300 and contingent negative variation. Here we present the effect of tyrosine supplementation on heat stress (exposure to ambient temperature 45 oC and relative humidity 30 %) induced alterations in behavior (attention, mood) and levels of plasma monoamines. Ten healthy male participants received a placebo food bar or tyrosine-containing food bar
(6.5 g in 50 g) 90 min before heat stress exposure of 90 min. Plasma and urine samples were assayed for catecholamine levels, their precursor, and metabolites using high-performance liquid chromatography. A computer-based automated test battery was used to assess attention and mood by profile of mood states questionnaire. A significantly higher plasma tyrosine (p<0.001) leading to an increased norepinephrine (p<0.05) levels in the tyrosine supplemented group was observed. Selective (p<0.001) and sustained attention (p<0.02) in the tyrosine group were significantly better compared to the placebo group. Reaction time and anger scores decreased (p<0.001) with tyrosine supplementation. It may be concluded that tyrosine supplementation improves heat stress-induced decrement in attention by maintaining the synthesis and turnover of norepinephrine.

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Kishore, K., Ray, K., Kumar, S., Anand, J., Thakur, L., Ravi, D., Suresh, A., Kolpe, R., Kizhekkedath, J., Kumar, B., & Panjwani, U. (2021). Tyrosine Supplementation A Nutraceutical Approach to Counter Heat Stress Induced Cognitive Decline. Defence Life Science Journal, 6(3), 205-213. https://doi.org/10.14429/dlsj.6.15870
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