Marital Adjustment and Interpersonal Needs of Married Individuals

Keywords: Dyadic adjustment, Interpersonal needs, Marriage, Indian married individuals


The present study was conducted to explore the dyadic adjustment and interpersonal needs of married individuals. For this purpose the responses were obtained on Revised- Dyadic Adjustment Scale and Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior Scale by 351 married individuals who were selected using snowball sampling technique. The obtained responses were scored and analyzed using ANOVA, Pearson Correlation and Multiple Regression Analysis (hierarchical stepwise). The findings of the study were that situational factors like qualifications, number of children and structure of family had statistical significant effect on dyadic adjustment. For interpersonal needs along with all these factors number of dependent family members also had significant effect. Apart from situational factors, the results also indicate that there was significant negative relationship between interpersonal needs and dyadic adjustment of married individuals. Moreover, significant impact of interpersonal need on their dyadic adjustment was also found.

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Dixit, V., & Ramachandran, K. (2020). Marital Adjustment and Interpersonal Needs of Married Individuals. Defence Life Science Journal, 5(2), 141-150.