Psychological Capital: Gender Differences and its Relationship with Job Involvement

  • Kalpana Rani Selection Centre South Bengaluru
  • Sowgandhi Chaturvedula Institute of Aerospace Medicine Bengaluru
Keywords: Psychological capital, Job involvement, Leadership


This preliminary study explored the relationship between positive psychological capital and job involvement among 100 male and 32 female officers of armed forces. It was hypothesised that officers with higher levels of PsyCap would also exhibit higher job involvement. The study also aimed to investigate whether gender differences in psycap had any influence on job involvement. Psychological capital questionnaire and job involvement scale were administered on the sample. Data was analysed using descriptive and inferential (Pearson correlation and regression analysis) statistics. It is found there is no evidence in support of gender difference in psycap. Psycap has a role in maintaining the job involvement among male officers. Implications of the findings and suggestions for developing positive behaviours which will be of great value to meet future leadership challenges in light of complex and volatile military situations.

Author Biographies

Kalpana Rani, Selection Centre South Bengaluru
Dr E. Kalpana Rani, obtained her MSc and MPhil in Psychology (Organisational Behaviour) from Sri Venkateswara University and PhD from Bharatiar University. Currently working as Scientist ‘G’ in DRDO, Selection Centre (South), Bengaluru. In addition to specialising in the area of psychological test development and assessment she has undertaken many research projects in various fields of psychology and has many national and international papers to her credit
Sowgandhi Chaturvedula, Institute of Aerospace Medicine Bengaluru
Dr Sowgandhi Chaturvedula, obtained her MA (Psychology) and MPhil from Osmania Universityand PhD in 2017. Presently working as Scientist ‘E’ in DRDO at Institute of Aerospace Medicine Indian Air Force as head of the Department of Aviation Psychology. Her current research involves study on personality, conflict management and well being of civil aviators and hazardous attitudes and aeronautical decision making in military aviators.
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Rani, K., & Chaturvedula, S. (2018). Psychological Capital: Gender Differences and its Relationship with Job Involvement. Defence Life Science Journal, 3(4), 383-387.