Psychosocial Factors among Hypertensive Women

Usha Sharma


Prevalence of hypertension in women has been increasing day by day, it was reported that in India the overall prevalence of hypertension is 15.4 per cent among men and 15.9 per cent among women1, keeping in view the mounting prevalence of hypertension in women, the present investigation aimed to compare hypertensive and non-hypertensive women on stress, anger styles, type A behaviour and subjective well-being. The sample comprised of 200 women i.e. 100 were hypertensive women and 100 healthy women labeled as non hypertensive women within the age range of 45 yr - 60 yr. The study provided strong evidence for the detrimental effects of anger, stress and type a behavior. Thus, there are various programs which should be given to patients that help them to modify their behavior and promote different ways to enhance optimism, subjective well-being and effective coping among women and consequently reduce the risk of hypertension.

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