Perception of Job Stress among Fighter Controllers in Indian Air Force

Sowgandhi Chaturvedula, Avinash BK


The fighter controllers (FC) are an occupational group who deal with a hectic, difficult and highly demanding job. Their occupation entails high levels of responsibility in terms of shouldering the Air Defence operations. These kinds of duties require them to perform optimally at all times and thus impose high grade of an unambiguous occupational stress. In the present study 38 Fighter Controllers of 4 IAF Stations were administered Organisational Role Stress (ORS) scale, Stress Buster Tool Kit and Holmes & Rahe Stress Scale. It was found that 66 per cent of the participants felt Inter Role Distance as a reason for high graded stress, similarly Role Stagnancy (55 %), Role overload (61 %) and Role Isolation (40 %) have severely affected the sample studied. Stress buster tool kit showed that 34 per cent participants perceived severe service related and workplace related stress. Holmes & Rahe questionnaire reported that a total of 31.6 per cent participants were at 90 per cent risk of developing systemic co-morbidities due to stress. This study reports that Fighter Controllers perceive their role to be less important with little opportunities for growth. A significant finding that emerged and that needs attention is the possibility that 1/3rd of the participants are prone to stress induced illnesses. The role of Aerospace Medicine Specialists in this context is paramount in alleviating stress and enhancing self-esteem in Fighter Controllers.


Organisational role stress; Stress coping; Aerospace safety

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