Emerging Potable Water Technologies

  • Anuradha Baghel Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior
  • Beer Singh Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior
Keywords: Water quality, water born pathogens, water purification technologies, waste water treatment


Water is essential to keep up life, especially safe drinking water is one of the first priorities. As water quality is important, many nations endeavor to guard the water and to increase access to potable water. Fortification of water supplies from contamination is the earliest stripe of defence. Water purification is very important aspect, presently there are number of drinking water technologies available mostly based on ion exchange, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis techniques, but still about five million people die annually from water born diseases. The objective of this review is to provide direction on the chemical safety of drinking-water and also monitoring of chemicals in drinking-water. Water treatment potential technologies can solve diverse drinking water issues in case of chemical contamination, which is the second objective. The purpose of this review is to make survey of currently available and future emerging technologies for drinking water. Several purification techniques have been adopted to meet the standards. There is a necessity of wide-ranging global approach to tackle the problem of water pollution devastating thousand of lives annually rather than to develop nuclear and biological weapons. This document will also be useful to public health authorities, those responsible for setting standards and for surveillance of drinking-water quality, and to water supply agencies responsible for water quality management.

Author Biographies

Anuradha Baghel, Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior
Dr Anuradha Baghel received her PhD from Jiwaji University, Gwalior in chemistry. Presently working as a scientist ‘C’ in DRDE, Gwalior. Her research interests are in the water analysis and development of novel adsorbents including carbon, molecularly imprinting polymers and metal organic framework
Beer Singh, Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior
Dr Beer Singh received his MPhil and PhD in chemistry from Delhi University. Presently working as a scientist ‘G’ in DRDE, Gwalior. He has 125 research papers and 24 patents to his credit. He has received many prestigious awards including of DRDO Scientist of the year in 2008. He has over 36 years of research experience in the multi-disciplinary branch of chemistry.
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Baghel, A., & Singh, B. (2016). Emerging Potable Water Technologies. Defence Life Science Journal, 1(2), 113-126. https://doi.org/10.14429/dlsj.1.10739
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