Co-Authorship Networks among DRDO Life Science Scientists

  • Suresh Babu School of Human Ecology, Ambedkar University Delhi, Delhi
  • Gitanjali Yadav Genomics and Systems Biology Laboratory, National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi
Keywords: Co-authorship networks, DRDO, science collaboration, defence life science research


The modern scientific ecosphere increasingly involves collaborative research, wherein diverse talent pools fuse to produce a research output, and ‘co-authorship’ can be treated a quantifiable measure of scientific collaboration. The present initiative of a Life Science Journal catering to the needs of life-science/bio-medical science researchers offers a suitable occasion to investigate the existing social structure of science in the defence life science research establishment in India. This short communication describes a meta-analysis of co-authorship networks of this community and we find very interesting inter-disciplinary connections that highlight the significance of this new journal for research impact in the long term.
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Babu, S., & Yadav, G. (2016). Co-Authorship Networks among DRDO Life Science Scientists. Defence Life Science Journal, 1(2), 188-191.
Short Communication