ADDIE: Designing Web-enabled Information Literacy Instructional Modules

  • Indira Koneru ICFAI University 23 Nagarjuna Hills Hyderabad-500 082
Keywords: ADDIE, INFOSEEK, information literacy, instructional design, learning content management systems, lifelong learning, pedagogy, web-enabled modules


Proliferation of information in varying forms, formats, and amounts mystify users evaluating the quality and authenticity before consuming information. Unless the users are information literate, they will be deficient in the requisite skills to access and retrieve information, organise and evaluate critically the retrieved information and use it effectively for personal as well as professional accomplishments. Information literacy (IL) empowers one with the required knowledge about information, its nature and available formats, skills to fetch the relevant information by sifting the irrelevant information, and attitude for consuming and sharing information by ethical means and practices. This article focuses on how to impart IL instructions using the potential technologies. Among all the available options for imparting IL instructions, Web is preferred owing to its flexible nature to reach out to the target groups wherever they are and whenever they want to access the IL modules. A diligent effort is made to integrate ADDIE, the widely-used instructional design model for designing and developing IL modules. INFOSEEK, the five-faceted model presented under Design Phase provides a content framework for developing IL instructional programmes.

DOI: 10.14429/djlit.30.388

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